Taking Photos & Videos

Taking a Photo

To take a photo enter the Camera Function either when on an active call or when not, then use the R-Button to snap a Photo. With each press a new Photo will be captured and sent to your helper in the background. You can then continue to capture new Photos while the rest are being sent in the background without interrupting your flow.

Each time a Photo is being snapped a steady beep will sound in your earpiece. This means that your Camera is focusing and that it should be held still until the Photo is captured with the familiar capture sound.

How to take a quality Photo

Try to observe the following and your Photos should always come out beautifully, sharp and clear and clearly legible for your helper.

  • Hold your Camera still while it is focusing. The steady beep sound will sound in your earpiece, keep your Camera still until the final capture sound.
  • Attach it firmly to your body. Do not allow your Camera to move about always have it attached firmly using the included Velcro attachment or by using additional tape. This will help keep it targeted into the same direction and prevent motion-blur from movement or shaking.
    If holding the Camera in your hand hold it firmly around its body instead of by its cable to avoid shaking and blur.
  • Use proper lighting. Your HD Camera PRO doesn’t have flash assistance like your mobile phone has so do not capture Photos in poor lighting conditions. Dark rooms with a single light or dim piece of paper will have a hard time focusing properly.
  • Do not cover up the camera. When your camera isn’t able to capture a Photo because the front lens is covered, used in a pitch black environment or if the focus was not clear, it will notify you of that and will not snap the Photo. You should try again in a properly lit environment to snap a quality Photo.
  • Center your Target. Your Camera will always focus on and adjust its brightness to the center of your Photo. Think of it as if it has that little square at the center which you use on your mobile phone’s camera to focus on different areas of your photo. In the HD Camera PRO’s case it is fixed at the center.

Taking a Video Recording

To take a Video Recording hold the R-Button while in the Camera function and keep holding it for as long as you want the video to last then release it. The video will be recorded and sent to your helper in the background.

How to take a quality Video

Each time before the Video starts recording your HD Camera PRO will focus on the subject and it will lock to that focus position for the remainder of the video. This will allow quick movements to not disturb your focus.

Hold your Camera still from the moment you start holding the R-Button to the moment you hear Recording Video. This will ensure your Video is sharp and locked at the proper focus position.

Help! I’m having trouble sending Photos or Videos

For Troubleshooting please see here.