Fitting or Removing an Earpiece

When you have chosen your Earpiece here is how to properly fit it inside your ears for the best performance and experience.

Fitting the Earpiece

  • Clear your ears
  • Take the earpiece in between your index finger and thumb
  • Orient it horizontally so that the shiny bit points into your ear
  • Bring it close to your ear then proceed to place it into your ear-canal using your index finger. While placing it inside pull-down gently on your ear-lobe to help the earpiece fully slide into your ear

That’s it! Remember no force is required and no force should be used. It should all go very smoothly. Poorly or incorrectly fitted earpieces will have lower performance & sound, so take the necessary time to fit them correctly & comfortably into your ears.

Fitting the Earpieces

Removing the Earpiece

Use the accompanying Removal Tool to remove your Earpiece. Its is very easy.

  • Hold the Removal Tool in your hand
  • Bring it towards your ear very slowly so that the Earpiece gradually moves and attaches to the Removal Tool
Removing the Earpieces