Your HD Camera PRO includes a rechargeable battery. To charge it plug the included USB Wall Charger into the HD Camera PRO’s USB port using the included Micro-USB cable. The Green Status Light will begin to blink indicating that it is charging.

Fast or Rapid blinking indicates that it is fast-charging. This mode requires a 5V/2A rated charger that is included with the HD Camera PRO kit.

Fully lit indicates that the charging has completed and that the battery is fully charged. The HD Camera PRO can remain on the charger without damage indefinitely to keep the battery at full charge until it is needed.

I don’t see the Green Light when charging. It just alternates between Red and Blue!

This can occur when the battery is completely empty in the HD Camera PRO. When this happens do this to quickly recharge your battery:

  1. Connect the HD Camera PRO to the included Wall Charger. It will turn-on automatically and it will start alternating between Red & Blue.
  2. Hold down the Power Button for at least 10 seconds to power-off your HD Camera PRO. All the lights will turn off, but it will continue to charge.
  3. Leave it to charge for at least 1 hour. After that you can turn the HD Camera PRO back on.

NOTE: Never let the battery in your HD Camera PRO get completely empty, or leave it empty when putting it away for a longer period of time. This will degrade the battery performance and capacity over time. Always recharge it fully after using it and follow the battery maintenance guidelines below.

Battery maintenance

To keep the battery at top performance and at high capacity for a long time periodic charging is advised. Each time the HD Camera PRO is used the battery should be fully charged then turned-off and stored away.

After 3-4 months of no use the battery should be recharged until stored away again to keep the battery at optimum health.