Quick Start

Here is how to get started with your HD Camera PRO.

Charge Your Device

Before starting place your HD Camera PRO to charge using the included wall charger. Refer to Charging for more information.

Attach the Accessories

Attach the Control Buttons, Neck-Loop & Camera. Fit the Premium Earpiece into your ears. Refer to Fitting Earpieces for more information.

Turn it ON

Turn it ON by holding the Power Button at the left side. Hold it until the Red Indicator lights then release it. Wait until your hear the Welcome Message in your Earpiece.

Quick basics of navigating

Navigating is simple. To choose any function first press the Green R-Button to cycle through them once you hear that specific function in your Earpiece Hold the R-Button until the confirmation tone then Release it.

To exit any function Hold Both L & R Buttons together until the Please Select Function prompt is

For more details about navigating check out the Basics of Navigation.

Configure your device

Your HD Camera PRO needs to know to whom your Photos & Videos should go to. To quickly configure it see the Configuring Your Device.

Install the SIM Card

First Turn OFF your HD Camera PRO by holding the Power Button until “Shutting Down Now” is heard then release it. Wait until your Device turns off then insert the SIM Card into the SIM Slot. For more information refer to Installing & Removing the SIM.

Always ensure your Device is Turned-OFF before inserting or removing the SIM Card.

Fit Attachment Strap

Fit the Attachment Strap securely to any part of your body and place your HD Camera Device inside.

Hide the Accessories

Fit & Hide the remaining accessories such as the Neck-Loop, Microphone & Hidden Control Buttons under your clothes.

Use it!

Turn-ON your HD Camera PRO and enjoy!

Refer to these guides to find out how to do these things:

Taking Photos & Videos

Make or Answer a Call

Using the built-in Audio Player