How does it all work?

Your HD Camera PRO will give you the ability to communicate with your helper in complete secrecy. To send high-quality Photos & Video recordings, to speak or to help yourself using pre-recorded audio material. It has no distance limit, it doesn’t need any mobile phones and works through the mobile network.

Best of all it can all be done at the same time. You are able to speak to your helper on an active call while at the same time sending new Photos & Videos enabling rapid-fast communication.

What do I need?

All you need is a NANO-SIM card from your local mobile operator to place in your HD Camera PRO. The SIM card should have Voice & Data enabled so that the full range communication is possible.

A 4G/LTE mobile coverage is recommended to take advantage of all the features and for the best experience.

Your helper should have an email account and their own Phone on which they can talk.

How do I use it?

Fit the HD Camera PRO on your person as shown below.

Use the two Hidden Navigation Buttons to control and navigate through your HD Camera PRO, to snap Photos & Videos, to Signal your helper using Beep-Signals or to Make a Call or Answer a Call. This can be done at the same time while previously snapped Photos & Videos are unobtrusively sent in the background while you are free to carry on without delay or disruption.

While using your HD Camera PRO the Voice-Guide will guide you and keep you notified of any actions. It will help you quickly navigate, inform you of snapped Photos & Videos and notify you when your helper has successfully received them.

How does my helper communicate with me?

Your helper will receive all the captured Photos & Videos from your HD Camera PRO to their email directly. Using their Phone, Laptop, Tablet or Computer they will receive your Photos & Videos just like any other email message on their Email App and they will be able to view them right away. No extra software is needed.

To talk with you they will receive a normal Voice-Call from your HD Camera PRO. All they need to do is answer the call and you are in full two-way communication. They can also call your HD Camera PRO and you will be able to Answer or Decline the call from your HD Camera PRO.

While on an Active Call with your helper you will be able to use the Camera function to snap Photos & Videos while actively speaking and you will be able to use the Signal Beep feature to send hidden Beep-Signals to your helper in case you are unable to talk.

How do I start?

Have a look at the Quick Start to get started in just minutes with your HD Camera PRO!