Signal Beep Button

Sometimes you aren’t able to answer back to your helper or to whisper anything. In this situation the Two-Tone Signal Beep Button will allow you to easily communicate with your helper without needing to talk. With a series of so-called “beeps” you and your helper are able to communicate, for example to confirm a fact or question from your helper the Right-Button Tone can mean “Yes”, while the Left-Button Tone can mean “No”. A series of two short beeps can mean something else, a long beep something other and so on.

It is all up to you and your helper to develop your own code.

Where is the Signal Beep Button available?

The Signal Beep Button feature is available anytime that you are on an active call with your helper. Simply enter the “Signal Button” function and the Left & Right hidden control buttons will act as a seperate individual tone that both you and your helper can hear.
To exit hold both Left & Right Buttons together like usually to Exit a function and you will be able to choose a different function again.