Basics of navigation

Navigation through your HD Camera PRO is done with the help of the two hidden control buttons. There are two kinds of presses:

  • Short press or Tap
  • Long press or Hold

With the help of the two hidden control buttons you have complete control over your HD Camera PRO and best of all it is completely unnoticeable, silent and hidden from anyone around you.

How to select a function or action?

To select a function or action in the function selection menu Short Press or Tap the Right R-Button. The Voice-Guide will announce the function into your earpiece. To move on Tap the R-Button again until you reach the function or action you wish to Activate.

To Activate the function Hold the Right R-Button until you hear the confirmation tone then release it. This function is now activated and will respond to the button presses individually depending on the function. To see what each function does see the Function Overview.

How to Exit an active function or action?

To leave the activated function and return to the function selection menu Hold Both Left & Right Button until you hear the confirmation Please select function then release them.

With this combination each function can be exited at any time.