Pairing with Bluetooth

Pairing your SX PRO to a Mobile Phone is done through Bluetooth. Turn ON Bluetooth on your Mobile Phone and select Search or Find near-by Devices. Detailed instructions on how to search for devices to pair with should be included with your mobile phone.

Once the Mobile Phone displays SX PRO, tap on it to Pair with it.

If asked for a PIN or Pairing code enter 0000 to successfully pair with your SX PRO.

My SX PRO isn’t detected on my mobile, what should I do?

First ensure that your SX PRO’s Blue light is blinking rapidly, this means that it is discoverable and that other devices can detect it. The Green light should be constantly lit too. Then turn-off Bluetooth on your mobile phone and turn it back on to reset it as sometimes Bluetooth can act up, then it should detect your SX PRO.

Automatic Sleep

When you do not connect to your SX PRO within a few minutes it will automatically hide itself and turn-off its Bluetooth, so no one else is able to discover it. In this case the Blue light will stop blinking and only the Green light will be on. To wake up your SX PRO again press the Power Button once. Immediately the Blue light will begin to blink rapidly ready for pairing.

What do the lights on my SX PRO mean?

The Green light on your SX PRO will light constantly to show that your SX PRO is turned-on. When turned-off it will turn off too.

The Blue light shows the Bluetooth Status. Fast rapid blinking means that your SX PRO is discoverable, meaning that it can be found by other devices, like your mobile phone. Before attempting to pair with it always check that the Blue light is blinking rapidly.
Slow periodic blinking means that your SX PRO is paired to a device, like your mobile phone.

Can anyone detect my SX PRO while I’m using it?

No, they cannot. Once your SX PRO is connected and paired to your mobile phone no one else will be able to discover or connect to your SX PRO. It will be undetectable by anyone else.

What if my Bluetooth connection drops or I get disconnected?

Your SX PRO will in this case first try to reconnect to your mobile phone automatically and remain hidden from others. As soon as your mobile phone is back in range it will immediately reconnect to it so that you can continue your communication.

What is the Bluetooth range?

The range of the Bluetooth connection is approximately 10 meters in open space. Walls and other obstacles may reduce it to less.