You can connect your SX PRO to any USB compatible Wall Charger or a free USB Port on your Computer using the included USB Cable, but a Wall Charger is preferred and recommended. Please note the correct orientation of the USB Connector while plugging it in. Once charging has begun the Red Light will begin to blink indicating that the device is now charging. It is recommended to leave the Device connected and charging for at least two hours or more to reach optimum charge.

There are two types of charging modes:

  • Normal charging

In this mode the SX PRO should first be turned-on and active. Then the charger should be connected to the SX PRO. The red charging light will begin to slowly blink to give visual feedback that it is charging.

When the device is fully charged the light will continue to blink and continually keep the battery topped-up. After at least 2 hours on the Wall Charger the battery is fully charged. Only if the red charging light should stop blinking that would indicate a problem and that the charging was interrupted.

  • Night-Mode charging

In this mode the SX PRO should be turned-off. Then the charger should be connected to the SX PRO. The Green light will shine for a short time to indicate that charging has begun then the SX PRO will again turn-off all the lights, but it will continue to charge without any further indication. This mode is meant for night-time charging to not disturb the surroundings.

Which mode should I use?

Both will get you there, but if you prefer more visual feedback and a bit faster charging on the Wall Charger then Normal Charging mode is recommended.

Which charger should I use?

It’s recommended to use a Wall Charger. Any standard USB Charger rated for 1A (1000mA) or more will be adequate. Typically chargers have their rating printed on their side, for example any of these is more than enough:

  • 5V/1A or 5V/1000mA
  • 5V/1.5A or 5V/1500mA
  • 5V/2.0A or 5V/2000mA
  • 5V/2.4A or 5V/2400mA


  1. For optimum performance it is recommended to charge the device before every use.
  2. For optimum battery health charge the unit fully after each use
  3. After a longer period of storage recharge the battery every 3 months to keep it in optimum condition